Personal benefits for international travel agents & buyers


Semi-Hosted buyers from 45+ countries

A huge number of Africa travel agents/buyers & travel bloggers have discovered the amazing business opportunity at KARIBU-KILIFAIR, accompanied by attractive social & business events during & after
the fair.



Tourism Exhibitors from 15 countries

KARIBU-KILIFAIR is the largest annually held business event for East African Tourism stakeholders, such as hotels, lodges, airlines, tour companies, suppliers and other nature responsible exhibitors. Meet exhibitors from Tanzania Mainland, Zanzibar, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, etc. - selling their products and services to international & local travel


Appointments made by our platform

With our online appointment platform it is easy to select your favorite exhibitor/ buyer and set successful appointments throughout the fair.

Fam Trips

Sell what you know !

We are offering more than 120 seats in an attractive portfolio of “post Fam Trips” for international travel agents/buyers to get familiar with the beautiful country of Tanzania. Please apply for your Fam Trip participation online, by selecting your top 3 tour itineraries. Note that the Tour Company is the final decision maker of Fam Trip seats. Terms and conditions apply.


Workshops & Seminars

30 speakers from different countries & from Tanzania government institutions presenting “hot” topics from the world of tourism. Learn more about East Africa, about conservation or about marketing… Just join one of our workshops.

United Fairs

The power of united fairs

KILIFAIR & KARIBU FAIR (established by Tanzania Association of Tour Operators - TATO) have agreed to join both fairs since 2017, to run East Africa’s biggest & most opinion building tourism trade fair. The “new” united KARIBU-KILIFAIR is managed & organized by the team of KILIFAIR Promotion Co. Ltd & alternates annually  between Moshi/Kilimanjaro and Arusha.


Hotels & Accommodation

Accommodation for buyers is available at appointed partner hotels for reasonable and discounted rates. Please choose & book yourself from the published list on our website or from your A-Z Buyer manual. Please present your exhibitor stand number or given agent code, to receive maximum benefits.


Events & Socializing

During the 3 days of KARIBU-KILIFAIR, both buyers & exhibitors have plenty of opportunities to meet each other. Starting with the Buyer welcome cocktail evening on Thursday, followed by the grand stakeholder party on Friday and speed-networking on Saturday morning, and Arusha City & Hotel Tour on Sunday is completing the event portfolio.

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