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1) Why semi-hosted agent/buyer and not fully-hosted?
KARIBU-KILIFAIR is organized by Kilifair Promotion Co. Ltd – a privately owned company and not governmental. Fully hosted buyer programs are known from several tourism fairs in other African countries, to proof tourism by statistics only. The country of Tanzania is full of amazing attractions and KARIBU-KILIFAIR provides the biggest Tourism platform in central Africa for world-wide stakeholders & interested travel agents/buyers. Both, Tanzania itself and KARIBU-KILIFAIR are attractive enough to make buyers coming and to choose from hundreds of exhibitors & new business contacts. We are happy to support serious buyers with various amenities, such as Fam Trips and even a cash back program for flights (Terms to apply).


2) Ethiopian Airlines – the official international Airline of KKF19
Ethiopian Airlines (ET) is the “Official international Airline” for KARIBU-KILIFAIR 2019. ET is a great partner, as many times rated one of the best airlines in Africa and provide the best flight destination network in East- and Central Africa. ET is serving more than 100 destinations world-wide with a 20% KARIBU-KILIFAIR discount. You will also enjoy the free shuttle service from Kilimanjaro International Airport to Arusha for ET flights only.
Since all agents/buyers are booking flights by their own, we highly recommend you to choose ET as your carrier - but of course you are free to use any airline as well. Nevertheless, please note that you can only join our new “Flight Cash-back” appointment program for agents/buyers, if you present your economy or business class ticket of Ethiopian Airlines. Once you have been successfully signed in, follow instructions & terms to achieve your cash-back benefits, based on number & quality of your done appointments.


3) Visa requirements
Please check
HERE for all VISA requirements of Tanzania. Most probably Tanzania is welcoming visitors with your nationality by “VISA on arrival”. If not, please get the VISA upfront from the Tanzania embassy at your home country. Please allow sufficient time for processing.



4) Vaccination requirements

The government of Tanzania requires proof of yellow fever vaccination upon arrival if you are traveling from a country / transit in a country with risk of yellow fever (this does not include the US - see complete list: Countries with risk of yellow fever virus (YFV) transmission.


5) Info desk at Kilimanjaro airport?
A representative of KARIBU-KILIFAIR will welcome you at the event desk at JRO (Kilimanjaro International Airport). Please note that our desk is located on the airport exit after baggage claim area and will be attended for flights arriving from Wednesday, June 5th to Saturday, June 8th from 10am to 10pm only.


6) Airport transfers
Airport transfers will be provided to the buyers arriving with ET to Kilimanjaro (JRO) only. Passengers on other arrivals can be assisted on our welcome desk for preferred taxi or shuttle bus rates. Private taxis can be pre-booked at


7) Accommodation during KARIBU-KILIFAIR 2019?
Accommodation is available on discounted special rates only. In your A-Z buyers’ manual you will find a list of partner hotels with special rates. Please choose & book yourself.


8) Meals for semi-hosted travel agents/buyers?
Our semi-hosted program for agents/ buyers does not include meals. “Finger food” specialties & beverages will be provided at the VIP & Buyers’ lounge, as well as on the official evening events. Please refer to the event program online.
As far as the Fam Trips are concerned, please refer to the selected itinerary of each trip. All indicated meals during Fam Trips are included. Not indicated meals & all drinks will be at your own expense.


9) Shuttle busses from hotel to Fair ground
Shuttle busses drive frequently from Friday, June 7th between our partner hotels and the Expo ground. Timetables can be found at your hotel reception.


10) Travel agents/buyers’ benefits
More details for the following agents/buyers’ FREE events & benefits can be found in the buyers’ A-Z manual at “Buyer zone” at https://www.kilifair-tanzania.com/visitors/
- Qualification for our cash back program (up to US$ 300 cash back to support your flight)
- How to use our “Easy click” appointment platform
- Workshops & Seminar timetables - Speed networking event
- Evening- & off-site events


11) Fam Trips during KKF19
We are offering a large selection of post Fam Trips for international travel agents/buyers to get familiar with the beautiful country of Tanzania. Please apply for your Fam Trip participation (one person of each company) by selecting your top 3 destinations by ranking 1-3. We will try to meet your request and share your application & data with the Tour Company. Please note that the Tour Company is the final decision maker of Fam Trip seats.



12) Special size luggage on Fam Trips
In case you have signed in for a flying safari, or any other Fam Trip, we highly recommend traveling with a smaller soft bag for your Fam Trip. Smaller aircrafts for domestic flights have a strict (soft bag) luggage allowance of 15kg. Please keep your oversize bags in the hotel until your return, as domestic airports do not have luggage storage facilities.


11) Risk of Malaria
Tanzania is known as a “malaria” country, although we see a dramatic decrease of new infections. Arusha and the Northern Safari circuit have less malaria risk in the month of June due to the colder weather & high altitude. Please check with a tropical health institute for best advices and precaution.


13) Travel insurance
The organizer of KARIBU-KILIFAIR and all Fam trips, won’t accept any claim for accidents & diseases occurring during your stay in Tanzania. Please cover yourself with a health insurance. Please also consider the following East African insurance providers for best service and immediate evacuation:
SAR KILIMANJARO Twaariq Mohammed Sharif / sales@kilimanjarosar.com +255677141414 / +255785784477
FLYING DOCTORS Daniel Mrema / arusha@flyingdoctorsafrica.org +255 689 165165 / +255 752 869199
AMREF Tumaini Peter Matowo / matowo@flyfoc.org +255 745716581 / +255 684 818071


14) Climate
The climate of Tanzania in June is colder than most travellers think. For Arusha please expect sunny days with a chance of short rain showers and approximated temperatures between 25°C during day and down to 12°C during night. Temperatures during evenings & nights in the Northern Safari Circuit can go as low as 5°C. Please be prepared.


15) Safety
Although Tanzania is rated as one of the safest countries in Africa, please be aware of pickpockets on streets, public transports, tourist attractions and gatherings, as well as on the fair ground. Lock your valuables in the hotel safe and carry little cash money. Keep smartphones & laptops under close supervision.

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