Arrival in Tanzania

 All international airports in Tanzania are prepared for COVID-19 preventive measures and are equipped with fully trained staff. General guidelines, hygiene rules, body temperature checks, mask requirements for airport staff, as well as disinfection and distance regulations apply. Entry is therefore hygienically flawless.


Since March 17, 2022 Travelers entering Tanzanian who are fully vaccinated, will be exempted from both COVID-19 RT-PCR and Rapid Antigen Test requirements. Travelers will be required to present a valid vaccination certificate with QR code for verification upon arrival.
Travelers who are unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated will be required to present a negative RT-PCR or NAATs certificate with QR code obtained within 72 hours before departure.
If travelers originate from countries listed at www.moh.go.tz they will be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival using a Rapid Antigen Test at their own cost of 10 USD. 
Should an incoming tourist show symptoms of COVID-19, he must seek medical treatment at his own expense and, if necessary, be isolated in a 14-day quarantine.

From April 4, 2021 all travelers (including children) are required to fill in an online Traveler's Health Surveillance Form, to be submitted within 24 hours prior to enter Tanzania mainland.


Airplane safety

Safety precautions against the spread of COVID-19 are also observed on international flights. The aircrafts of all major airlines are cleaned and disinfected in the appropriate areas before and during the flight.

All aircrafts are equipped with the so-called HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. This ensures that 99.97% of all viral and bacterial contamination is filtered out of the air. With this system, the air in the cabin is constantly filtered, completely replaced every 3 minutes and enriched with fresh outside air, which is distributed into the cabin from above via air nozzles. Used air is sucked down through floor nozzles and sent through the HEPA filter again. It is also important to know, that the air in the cabin does not move horizontally between the seats, but is sucked downwards.
Some airlines are requiring a COVID-19 test certificate before boarding the airplane. Please contact your airline for verification.


Hotels, Lodges & Safari vehicles

All companies active in tourism, their staff or service providers are trained in COVID-19 precaution and measures. If you booked a Fam-Trip with us, you can assume that your trip in Tanzania is subject to the current world-wide COVID-19 standards.

Since August 2021 Tanzania started to vaccinate its citizens and most staff working in Tour Companies and Hotels are vaccinated already.


International Travel Insurance

There are a number of insurance policies that cover your trip abroad, including the case of catching COVID-19. Please find out more from your trusted insurer. We highly recommend to book a travel insurance which covers COVID-19 impacts.



Our entire team at KARIBU-KILIFAIR 2022 is taking COVID-19 serious. Therefore, we ensure all visitors the worldwide standards of COVID-19 precaution measures on our ground. On the fairground we will provide complementary masks and sanitizers for all Exhibitors and Buyers, as well as hand washing stations placed in regular intervals throughout the ground. Food distribution will take place under COVID-19 hygienic rules. For emergencies, we will have an ambulance on the ground with well trained staff, who will be able to do a rapid test in case a visitor feels sick or shows any symptoms.


Departure from Tanzania / Journey home

The departure from Tanzania airports is well arranged and is also subject to the usual hygienic conditions for COVID-19. Before taking your trip to Tanzania, please inform yourself about the latest quarantine restrictions and if your country requires a negative COVID-19 test certificate.
COVID-19 tests are usually provided in Arusha at the Mount Meru Referral Hospital, in Moshi at the Mawenzi Hospital, in Dar es Salaam either in the IST-Clinic or at Muhimbili Hospital and in Zanzibar it is at the ZPHEOC (Zanzibar Public Health Emergency Operation Center). It is possible to book your appointment for a COVID test online in advance and you will receive your test result by email. 


Tanzania mainland: https://pimacovid.moh.go.tz/#/booking

Zanzibar: https://zanzibarcovidtesting.co.tz/app/reference_code



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