The organizers of KARIBU-KILIFAIR are proud to announce the new “Climate Action” campaign for all future tourism events.

Due to the fact that our planet needs all of us to be an acting ambassador to support climate neutral

and sustainable products, let’s start today and join together for a better future.



KARIBU-KILIFAIR 2020 will introduce the following actions areas:

  • No more use of plastic utensils at food & bar areas
  • No more plastic utensils in our VIP & Buyers Lounges
  • Stop unnecessary waste products all over the fair venue !
  • 100+ coloured trash bins with garbage separation system all over the fair venue
  • Climate action area for all exhibitors to introduce their latest innovative “Green” products to support sustainable & green tourism
  • We plant 1 tree for each exhibitor = 500+ trees to be planted on March 24, 2020 on the slopes of Kilimanjaro / Tanzania. (Exhibitors are welcome to support and also donate a tree to the project)
  • More to come


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